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Jr. Firefighter Gear & Accessories For All Ages at the Best Prices !!! 

Note! this gear is not certified for firefighting and will not protect you from smoke or fire, this gear is to be used for personal activities only.

Our Business is based on over 30yr of Fire Service Experience !   

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 Infant Jr. Firefighter Romper  ( Black or Tan ) Size 6 to 12 Months

Oh Baby! Our new size 6-12 Month is the perfect way to start little ones thinking big. Two popular colors Black or Tan with yellow stripe. Each set is soft and cuddly and has snaps for easy changing. This set has built in footed romper for extra comfort and protection.                                                                    Note! this gear is not certified for firefighting and will not protect you from smoke or fire this gear is to be used for personal activities only.             

                97% Polyester, 3% Imitation Leather, Machine Washable, Hang Dry Only !

Size range: 14-20 lbs 22-29"      $ 24.95 each


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Jr. Firefighter Gear Bag

Just like the firefighters use, but fits your size Turnout Gear. Each bag is made from Durable Denier Polyester with a  Zippered Top and  Zippered front Pocket.  Each bag has easy carrying options with a Web Handle & Shoulder Strap and Fire Department logo on each side. 

Bag Size W 11” x L  22” x  H 11”

Order Our Newly Design Bag Today !  

Product # KFGB $21.95 each    



Toddler Jr. Firefighter Gear  ( Black or Tan ) Size 1 - 2 years old    ( 18mo )

It's HOT! HOT! HOT!The most official looking bunker gear for kids anywhere. The Jr. Fire Fighter gear is sure to make little kids into big heroes. Each set includes: Adjustable embroidered cap, Adjustable bib overalls with pockets.Note! this gear is not certified for firefighting and will not protect you from smoke or fire this gear is to be used for personal activities only.   

 95% Cotton, 5% Polyester,  Machine Washable, Hang Dry Only !

** New Price ** & ** Free  Personalization** on Toddler Fire Gear !!  

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Size range: 20-26 lbs 28-32"     $ 49.95 each

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Child Jr. Firefighter Gear Age 2 to 14 ( Black or Tan ) Size Range Below

The Most Official Looking Bunker Gear For Kids Anywhere!  The Jr. Fire Fighter gear is sure to make little kids into big heroes. Each set includes: Free Adjustable Hard Helmet  ( Choice of Color), Adjustable bib overalls with pockets & reinforced knee patches, Adjustable suspenders, Coat with zipper, pockets, authentic gauntlet cuffs, & reinforced elbow patches. Note! this gear is not certified for firefighting and will not protect you from smoke or fire this gear is to be used for personal activities only. 

 95% Cotton, 5% Polyester,  Machine Washable, Hang Dry Only !

$ 59.95 each     Size / Age Range

 ( 2/3  25-33 lbs, 32-36" Height, Inseam  14" )  ( 4/6  32-50 lbs,  35-44" Height, Inseam 17"  ) 

 (6/8  48-62 lbs, 42-50"  Height, Inseam 19" )   ( 8/10   54-86 lbs, 48-56" Height, Inseam 21" ) 

 (12/14  80-110 lbs   54-60" Height, Inseam 24" )

Product # FB (Black) # FT (Tan) ( Color & Size needed to be selected  2/3,  4/6,  6/8,  8/10, 12/14 )

Sizes Temporary out of stock :   ( None ) 

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Personalize Your Gear: Child size 1-14 & Adult S & L ( Black or Tan ) Size Range Below
Note !    Add your Gear to Cart First !    Personalization Price dose not include Gear !

Look Like The Big Boys ! Have your home town Fire Department printed on the top our your gear and add your name to the bottom. You can personalize your Black or Tan gear and may use up to 14 characters for each line. Lettering not sold separately.
Note! there will be no returns or exchanges for personalized gear.

Remember to add  Fire Gear to Cart first then contune shopping,
then add personalization,  Please follow the 3 steps below.

We will ship Personalized most orders in 1-2 Business days with delivery in 2-3 Business Days. 

Here is our new unbeatale pricing Starting 10-26-2017 !!!! 

**Note we are limited to a max of 14 Letters & Characters per line**

$ 9.95 Top Line  Only , ( 14 Letters Max)   $ 9.95  Bottom Line Only ( 14 Letter Max )
$ 12.95  Top Arch Only or Top Arch with Center Line  ( 14 Letters Max Per Line  )
$ 12.95  Top Two lines Only ( 14 Letter Max Per Line )
$ 12.95  Top Line & Bottom Line  ( 14 Letter Max Per Line )
$ 16.95  Top Two Iines or Arch Layout with Bottom Line  ( 14 Letter Max Per Line )
$ 19.95  Top Arch with Center Line and Bottom Line ( 14 Letter Max Per Line )

See examples below  * CHICAGO FIRE DEPT  / * LITTLE ROCK FIRE  

See more examples on our FaceBook Page from recent orders and Please Like Us 


*Please check your lettering / spelling info after adding to  your Cart to confirm your information by slecting ( MORE ) under the line order*. 

1 - Select Your Personalization Option
2 - On Pre Purchased Coat Size
3 - Enter Lettering Info Here

* In Step 3 Enter Letter info Here: has a unlimited Text Box to add all your personalization details. See example how to enter below.

Example: Enter as one of the following methods:  Top line:  CHICAGO , Second Top line: FIRE DEPT,
Top Arch: LITTLE ROCK , Center line: FIRE ,  Bottom Coat line: D. CLAMP. 

We can also do Upper & Lower Caps. Example: Top line:  LACoFD,  Bottom line: McGILL,

Note !    Lettering not sold without Gear.  


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282 Jr. Fire Chief Boots   

Introducing our new line of  Bunker Boot !  Our Boot is made of watter proof rubber material, with removable foot form contour insole for added comfort. This boot is also lined with a quick drying cotton wall liner, and  rubber mud lug outside design assures traction in wet weather. Our Boot also has two molded Highly Reflective Strips for added safety. 

Sizes Chart   Please Check Heal to Big Toe in Inches (Range  6" - 9.25") . 

Child / Youth  Age 2-6  Sizes 8 = 6.5" Heal to Toe,  9 = 6.75", 10 = 7" , 11 = 7.5", 12 = 7.75", 13 = 8"      

Youth Age 6-10   Sizes  1= 8.25",  2 = 8.75",  3 = 9",  4 = 9.25" 

Sizes Temporary Out of Stock :   None

Product # JWCFB $ 29.95

Child / Youth Sizes

Youth Sizes




Jr. Firefighter Back Pack 

Just arrived !

 Our new Jr. Firefighter Back Pack. Each bag is made from a heavy duty Durable Denier Polyester. This Back Pack has 4 exterior compartment and 1 interior zipper storage area with built in key hook. Our bag is also built with a heavy duty adjustable shoulder straps. Each side of the is built elastic webbing  material to hold your water bottle / extra storage. Each bag also includs our fire department logo!


Our Bag Measures:  12" L x 12" D x 18" H 

New Item for 2015 !!!

Product # JRFBP $ 21.95 each   

Jr. Firefighter Accessory Pack


       It's those tools every Jr. firefighter needs to complete their  Firefighter Gear.
Hands down, this toy is overall FUN !!!! 
 Ages 3 and up.

New Item for 2015 ! ! ! 

 Product # JRFFAP  $8.95 each




Jr. Firefighter Combo Set

Just what every child needs is the own Fire Power Super Soaker back pack and Helmet with shield. This is one of our popular combination at our show. Also a great complement to you Jr. Fire Gear.


Product # COMBO $25.95 





Jr. Firefighter Draw String Back Pack 

Here is our new item for 2014 !

We are introducing our new back pack to add to your child's collection. This back pack will be great to carry some of your fire gear or off to school with your books or lunch. Our bag is made from 100% Polyester and measures 15.5" x 14"  Be one of the first in your fire house to own one.  

Product # JRFBP  $7.95 each   ( For Ages 3+ )



Jr. Firefighter Helmet with Sheild

Our most popular design with durable Helmet with Sheild. Each helmet is equiped with adjustible head band.

Product # FFHS   $ 12.95



Jr. Fire Chief Helmet with Light & Siren

Here Comes The Chief !Your Jr. firefighter get evey ones attention with this unique fire helmet that comes with built in flashing red light and realistic siren sound. This helmet is built from durable plastic and safe for children 5 yrs and up. Batteries are included.

Product # FFR-Helmet   $12.95 each



Jr. Firefighter Adjustable Helmet with Color Option

Our most durable Helmet . Each helmet is equiped with adjustible head band and choice of color

Product # JFFHC $ 9.95 each

Select Color Option

Fire Power Super Soaking Back Pack

New Item To Complete Your Fire Gear !  This must have New Product of the Year Award by Creative Child Magazine for 2011,  Fire Power Super Soaking Fire Hose with Back Pack will squirt up to 35 feet with one pump of the hose! This unit will deliver up to 50 pumps per fill up. Each tank fill will hold 1 liter of water ( 33.8 fl.oz.) Safe for children 5yrs and up.

WARNING: Choking Hazard Small Parts Not for children under 3 yrs

Product # FPWR  $16.95 each




Jr Fire Chief Rain Coat.

Introducing our new line of Rain Coats !  Our new rain coat is  PVC Free and made of 65% Polyurethane and 35% Cotton Liner and attached hood. This coat is water proof and claens up with a damp cloth. Our coat also closes with button snaps and Highly Reflective Striping & American Flag on as seen in the photo.

Also Note Due To The Material Make Up We Can Not Personalize This Coat.

Available Size  2T,  (3T Out of Stock),  4T,   4/5,   (5/6 Out of Stock),   6/6X

Product # WCRC $ 39.95 each


Coat Sizes


Jr Fire Chief Umbrella

Introducing our new Umbrella !  

Complete your set with our easy - to - use, light weight Umbrella with Highly Reflective Striping.

Measures 24" long and 30" wide.

Product # WCU  $16.95 each


Adult Firefighter Gear  ( Black or Tan ) Size Small or Large.  ( Sorry No Medium )

The Most Official Looking Bunker Gear and Best Price for Adults Anywhere!  This Firefighter gear is sure to make into big heroes at your next party. Each set includes: Free Adjustable Helmet w / Shield, Adjustable bib overalls with pockets & reinforced knee patches, Adjustable suspenders, Coat with zipper, pockets, authentic gauntlet cuffs, & reinforced elbow patches. Note! this gear is not certified for firefighting and will not protect you from smoke or fire this gear is to be used for personal activities only.

 95% Cotton, 5% Polyester, Machine Washable, Hang Dry Only ! 

Size Range:  

(Small 110-160 lbs,  5'- 2" to 5'- 7"  Height, Inseam  30" )

(Large 170-220 lbs,  5'- 8" to 6'- 2"  Height, Inseam  33" )

Don't Forget to add Optional Personalization!     

$79.95 each          Sorry They Don't Make Medium.

Slect Color & Size


Jr. Fire Chief Play Set

Here is every thing your Junior Firefighter needs to be like the Chief. Each set is made of a bright red material with reflective striping and machine washable. Each set comes with a red chief helmet, a fire extinguisher, a shiny badge and name tag you can personalize! This set also has a working bullhorn with sound effects that work off 2- AA batteries. ( Batteries not included )

Product # FCS  $ 29.95 each ( For Age 3 - 6 )

My First Fire Gear !

To the rescue! in your very own red hot fire fighter shirt. Printed with axe and cell phone to dial 911. It's great being the Chief! Clear pocket for name badge makes this personal. Fits ages 3-5,  30-45lbs,  34"- 42".  Helmet not included

Product # MFG $ 10.95 each







The Jr. Firefighter Puppet

Firefighter Blaze is always on duty and ready with his protective hard hat and reflective coat to save the day! Use one hand to manipulate the puppet's mouth and facial expressions while gesturing with the removable wooden rod with the other. Detachable rod is suitable for lefties or righties!

* Police Officer also available

Dimensions: 15" x 5" x 6.5" Assembled

Recommended Ages: 3+ years                                       


Product # FFP $19.95 each


Type of Puppet